Company Profile

NAIDEN KIROV JSC is a Bulgarian leading manufacturer of low-voltage electrotechnical accessories for house holding. NAIDEN KIROV JSC was founded in 1901 and from 1935 the production of electrical wiring accessories began.

The company was privatized in 1997 and now NAIDEN KIROV JSC is producing more than 250 different products, which are accepted in the markets in Bulgaria, Europe, Asia and Africa.The company employs 350 people – trained, qualified and skilled professional team that works for development, production and marketing. NAIDEN KIROV JSC reinvests a main part of its profit in qualified staff and high-tech equipment.

NAIDEN KIROV JSC management goals are to provide its customers with quality products, completely corresponding with their requirements. Therefore, the company products are produced and controlled under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 and are certified by the International standard bodies such as VDE, ÖVE, SII and BDS. NAIDEN KIROV JSC produces its products free from chemical components, which are not within the limitations of the EU environmental regulations: ROHs, PAH's, POP's and others.

NAIDEN KIROV JSC uses top-class materials (Polycarbonate, Polypropilene, ABS, PVC, etc.) in its production, which is supplemented with special additives making them fire-resistant as required by the different standards. NAIDEN KIROV JSC professional staff designs and produces the company products and also manufactures moulds, tools, dies and instruments for its own need and for other clients as well.